The Clean Prosperity Foundation works to protect Canada’s environment by:

  • Conducting environmental economic research on the best approaches to solving environmental problems like climate change and pollution, and on programs and policies that will protect the environment for the benefit of the public. We also disseminate the results of that research.
  • Disseminating information and contributing to the public policy dialogue on climate change policies, pollution reduction strategies, and conservation of ecosystems. We do this by hosting a variety of events, and communicating through online and traditional media.
  • Supporting organizations and foundations that engage in similar work.

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Projects we support

Carbon Removal Canada is an independent policy initiative focused on the rapid and responsible scale-up of carbon removal solutions needed to meet Canada’s climate goals by 2050.

Open Insights will provide a credible, transparent energy-economy modelling platform that policymakers, researchers, and civil society can use to inform climate and energy policy development, advocacy, and discussion.

Board of Directors

Greg Kiessling (Chair)
Peter Aghar
Lisa Asbreuk
John Coady